New Vista Outpatient Recovery

New Vista Outpatient Recovery Center fosters a culture of healing and community in which individuals feel empowered to seek their highest potential. Located in south central Indiana, the recovery center offers an Opioid Treatment Program that uses evidence-based approaches to help adults achieve long-term recovery.

The goal of this treatment program is to help patients achieve effective coping skills, lead a healthy life free of addictive drug use and minimize the possibility of relapse. Every patient receives an individualized treatment plan.

Admission to the program is based on presenting symptoms, willingness to follow program requirements and the apparent need for treatment.

For more details and schedules for the Opioid Treatment Program, please visit our New Vista Outpatient Recovery landing page.

Opioid Treatment Program Features

  • Assessment and medical evaluation
  • Opiate withdrawal management
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Care by licensed medical professionals
  • Introduction to community support programs
  • Discharge planning

Call 317-883-5330 or 866-883-5330 to schedule a free, confidential assessment or receive additional details on our Opioid Treatment Program. We are available seven days a week

New Vista Outpatient Recovery Center
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