Finally we found professionals who understood our son’s illness. We now have a plan and feel that we are moving toward his return to health.

My addiction lead me to a point of desperation. When I called Valle Vista I knew immediately that they wanted to help me!  They got me in quickly, helped me through detoxing from the drugs and alcohol  that were killing me.   The counselors helped me put a plan together for ongoing counseling and self-help meetings that I know will help me stay in recovery. I am excited about life for the first time in many years!

Our daughter benefited from Dr. Comer’s thorough diagnostic and evaluation program offered at Valle Vista’s Girl’s residential unit. We now know what treatment is needed and we have a better understanding of her illness.

My depression and anxiety had taken over my life…. I got help at Valle Vista. The staff treated me so kindly and helped me more than they will ever know!